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I am with Hawg on his evaluation of the pistol set. (Maybe as high as 200.00 but I doubt it)

It is not in great cosmetic shape. With some substantial effort which would cost more than the pistol is worth, it could be brought back to new (actually better than new) condition.

The roll engraving done by some of the lesser manufacturers does not really add to the value. I think it would only take about an additional ten minutes or less to do the engraving. Actually some of the engraving (in my opinion) made them look cheap, like lipstick on a pig, although I must hasten to say that of the techniques I have seen, yours appears to be better than average.

Fit and finish appears not to be up to the standards contemporary to those years (roughly 1970 if Hawg is right, and I think he is). Armi San Marco and Armi San Paolo made revolvers in those days which were quite good.

The case is less than perfect and new ones can be purchased at relatively low prices. I bought a used one at a show for ten bucks. I also bought a set very much like yours with the exception that the revolver was nickel plated, made by a very scrupulous manufacturer of about the period yours was made, unfired with no ring around the cylinder, and paid 240.00 for it.

If you are looking to sell, you could list it on and start at a high price, say 250.00. It probably won't sell at that price, but you can always back off until it sells or until the price gets so low that you just want to keep it.

The market for this revolver with the case and accessories is relatively small. That is why I recommend starting high and then backing off. You can't really rely upon a large market to take the price up, since on this revolver set, you may only have about four people who are interested. Half of them don't have any money and at least one won't stick with the auction. That means the first bid takes it.

Another option is to sell the individual accessories on eBay and dismantle the revolver and sell the parts.

It is likely that the set has more value to you personally but that value would stem from a sentimental connection rather than true collectability.

I would say that the revolver itself is somewhat rare because I believe few were made. But this alone does not increase the value much unless you could find a collector who is looking for this specific marque. Yugos are relatively rare too.

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