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How you get there does not matter much,its knowing how to use a slave pin that matters.

If you look at Enco or MSC,or maybe E-bay,you can get a set of offshore cheap pin gages,.062 to .250,every .001 for pretty darn cheap.They have a lot of uses.

I used to build plastic injection molds.There are pins called ejector pins that knock the part out of the mold.They are kind of special.They are made of H-13 hotwork tool steel,nitrided to a very hard skin,and OD ground .0004 to .0007 under nominal size,so they will slip fit in a nominal size hole.

Building or servicing a mold,several of these pins may be used,every day,in a mold shop.They come in 6 in,10 and other stock lengths,and get cut to length.So,every day,a mold shop has 2 to 4 in long cutoff ends of these pins.

Grind a taper on one end,they are the ultimate slave pin.

So,look in the yellow pages under plastic injection molds,and inquire if they like beer.

There are also core pins,slightly oversize and through hard.The "C" pins are machinable,but hard.

All these pins are catalogue items at MSC
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