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Harry, the front sight was broken right out of the box, when I touched it it broke and fell off. Put on a set of fiber optic sights and all was good- until I took it to the range. Loaded it and cycled the action and it jammed solid. Took me almost 20 minutes to work the round out. Looked inside and didn't notice anything. Tried it again thinking it was a bad round and same thing, jammed solid. Got the round out of it and did some closer looking and noticed the lifter was visibly bent. The round was stopping half way out of the mag tube and getting wedged onto the lifter locking up the action. And no- I didn't grizzlie bear the action trying to close it. I'm no expert on lever guns but I've owned a few including older Marlins and never seen the like. Took it to a local shop/smith who said he could fix it and traded it for the Win Big Bore and never looked back. Shame, it was a nice looking rifle. The Winchester however, has yet to let me down in any way.
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