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post #80, birthday special...

As posted in the past, Heckler & Koch in their own English language promo videos call it HK.
You can call them what ever you choose, but as I stated, I'll use the term the factory uses.

Being thrown out of businesses can happen.
In the mid 2000s, I got "asked to leave" a upscale steakhouse who refused to honor the restaurant's long standing birthday special(a free steak dinner or $21.00 off the total bill on your birthday). The young waiter I had took my DL & order then half way through my salad course, rushed up and said I had to buy two meals.
Things got a tad ugly after that.
I ate in the same restaurant in later years without incident. It also later closed & changed the format.

If a business is poorly run or the staff is inept, wait a few months. They'll go under sooner or later.
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