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Company Policy

Electronics technician in his lab lamented to me that HSE had come by and confiscated his X-acto knife. It was "theirs" to confiscate, supplied and owned by the Company. New policy was that X-acto knives are banned company-wide.

Turns out someone at another plant had sustained a puncture wound in a finger from a sharp X-acto knife, failed to clean the puncture wound adequately, it got infected, almost lost the finger. X-acto knives banned at all plants, in production and in labs.

This guy needs to use an X-acto knife in his work. He went and bought one, brought it to work, uses it as needed, and hides it in his desk when he is not using it.

Company knew this would be the outcome - but if he ever cuts himself, they are covered because "we banned those knives company-wide in 2012."

So is he immoral or unethical for violating company policy? Just to do his job?
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