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Companies and institutions have responsibility for the survival and success of the corporate or institutional structure over that of the individuals who work for it.

What else is new?

It is very easy to say Quit. That's why these internet moral debates can be silly.

Let me give you real corporate circumstances that I know of personally.

It is the Depression - jobs are scarce.

A company will not hire you because of your religion. Thus, you fake membership in a church to get the job. Your other choice - starve.

Your company demands that you join a particular political party to keep your job. Your choice in the Depression - starve.

Thus, be a moral tough guy and watch those dependent on you go down the economic drain because of a company policy which is seen by many as controlling or immoral.

Note the policy was just social tyranny and had no effect on company success.

Thus, I repeat that this 'moral' preaching is a particular stage of moral beliefs in a more complex set of decisions.

You can go sell Apples on the corner and proclaim that on the Internet if we ever get to that extreme circumstance.
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