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Please know that it was not my intent to call into question PawPaw's integrity he is a well respected member and I hold in high esteem.

I was simply stating my past experience, as a matter of fact it was so difficult that I almost walked out of the shop to sort of say the heck with this. This is the whole reason I went to Savage to inform them they have a dealer out there making it very hard to buy their product.

Here is the story

I went into the shop speifically looking to acquire the 10TR as it was advertised in their flyer. The guy would not even hand me the rifle. I was specifically told that was for LEO only. Before producing documentation I challenged that Savage has no such program and asked when this started. They stated that it was only pertaining to this rifle, saying that Savage's hope was to get this in the hand of law enforcement officers hoping to compete with the Remington 700. I then produced ID, the clerk then took said ID went in the back and came out with his manager they then proceeded to ask was I a direct member of the swat team and could I get a letter from my Lt saying such because they did not want to loose their special program they had with Savage. I then asked to speak to the Savage rep or could they produce documentation on this program. They then actually called the owner of the shop in front me described the situation and he gave the green light. This really ticked me off and I vowed never to go back to this shop again. What is really weird is this is a very large shop in Columbus Ohio that deals a lot with police officers and the Glock trade in program. I went in with $1700 bucks in pocket expecting to buy a scope and possibly 1911 that I was really wanting but I ended up putting those funds back in my bank account.

Again I gave this history, because it was not about PawPaw it was about my horrible experience. I was so excited about this Savage but the whole experienced has sort of soured me to the rifle.
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