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You can see all the guns in the show on

By the way I saw a behind the scenes special and most of the guns and props they use are rubber models.

Way too many rare and exotic automatic weapons, and (almost) no conservation of ammo
I agree, you almost never hear them talking about conserving ammo.

I didn't care for Meryl's character truthfully. Stereotype that I don't care for regarding 'rednecks' from the south.... imagine the uproar if other stereotypes were shown from the Atlanta area...
His character wasn't as much portraying a redneck as it was a white supremacist drug dealing criminal. How ridiculous would it be if I got insulted every time I saw Mario and Luigi or a fat guy with a mustache for the logos on pizza parlors because I am Italian. People are too sensitive these days, one of my pet peeves. Almost everyone portrayed from Boston in movies are hot headed Irish guys who like to fight and drink with a bad vocabulary, I am not going to let that get to me just because I am from Boston, they are movies for christs sake.

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