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Looking for a new hunting rifle, Whats your .02 cents?

If that's your price and you want wood or syn options look at Kimber 84L's. they have the Classic line and the Montana line. The Montana's are literally featherweights with the Classics coming in slightly heavier.

Adjustable triggers, glass pillar bedded, free floated, CRF, Kevlar stock (Montana) and they fit like a glove.

I have four of these rifles, a .204 Varmint, .243 Montana, 7-08 Montana, and a 30-06 Classic. For hunting rifles they are all I buy and I've been very happy with them.

The Montana's tend to have some complaints of accuracy issues, although I've never seen it myself. I'm not sure if there truly is a problem, but you have to keep in mind the Montana's weigh just a shade over 5 lbs and any variance in your bench form is going to show. I think there is this desire nowadays to have 1/4 MOA no matter what platform you're shooting. These are hunting rifles, not bench guns. I routinely get MOA with them with hand loads and have actually got even better with some federal ammo ( go figure) the .204 though is a legit 1/2 MOA gun on even a bad day.
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