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I have a great Sako in 270, a couple of Rugers (of various types and calibers), and one Tikka Stainless in 260. I once had a Remington 700 BDL in 270. I'm a big fan of Ruger 77's, but the Sako is really special. The Tikka is new to me, and I really have become quite a fan. Great rifle. Very accurate. If you want to spend some $, get a Sako. For less $, the Tikka is great, as are the Rugers.

As to caliber, 270 is a great choice. For less recoil, the 260 is well described as a '270 Lite'. If I was back in Louisiana in the wet bottomlands and the huge briar patches and I wanted to anchor a 250 pound buck before he got to the briar patches, I'd probably take the 270. I've killed hundreds of deer with a 270 and it always did the job (if I did mine). Here in Texas, I'm perfectly happy with the 260. And I'd be happy with a 308 or a 30-06 or a 7-08.
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