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The flawed trigger design was replaced in 2007. New rifles should be fine. Rifles made prior to 1982 are more likely to cause problems, but even then it is rare, but very real.
There is nothing wrong with a properly maintained Walker design trigger, other than it was designed to work well insted of designed to be Lawyer proof ....

Any device that is modified beyond it's design parameters or poorly maintained can fail.

No device designed to work well can withstand a pack of Lawyers in combination with a minimum of one (1) idiot willing to sue someone for their own stupidity and negligence.

The triggers on the factory 700's of today do not hold a candle to the un-modified triggers on my 721's ....

Were I to buy a new Remlin, I'd order a Timney for it before I even went to pick it up.

There isn't enough difference in 2013 to matter between 270 and 30-06. In 1925 when the 270 was introduced they were loaded much differently.
+1 The standard mass market .270WIN is loaded slightly milder (they advertise 3060 f/sec for a 10gr bullet instead of the 3100 from the days of my misspent youth), and the -06 hunting ammo is loaded much hotter than the original .30-06 Government .... there is not a whole lot of difference in the premium hunting ammo:

Shoot some of those modern hunting loads in an original early production 1903 Springfield or an M-1 Garand and bad things will happen ....

At under 300 yards, there will not be enough difference between the two, even without the premium stuff, to worry about.

Past that, the .270 shoots slightly flatter.
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