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When you hire in, you accept the conditions. If you accept the conditions, it is your responsibility to abide by them. You will know within a few weeks whether or not you want to keep the job or move on.
The rub is having a job and then a new wave of managers come in and makes new rules. Once again the decision to leave is still there, but now the loss of time, any pay raises, and potential retirement pensions com into play.
If you get caught violating company policy, you end up fired (lost pension). You lose a paycheck instantly and have to deal with rent, etc You may have a record which will prevent future good jobs. You will have to go thru hoops to get unemployment, which they may deny.
Lots of variable to consider. Consider where you work. If they tend to have shootings, you may want to leave anyway. If they have never had a shooting, may be adjust perspective and go with the odds. The odds are safe at work than on the road that we take for granite every time use a cell phone, go over the limit, etc etc. Pick anything else we do and apply the same logic.
If married, X10 the effects of violating policy. If kids, X100. If both, really evaluate the need and maybe suck it up.
I use to be an emt after I retired from the military, you are placed in crazy situations some times because or you and your partner missed the clues, you hope you get out safe. No guns there either. Think of the number of crazy people out there an why you carry and try to avoid those places. The medics go into that frequently with "THOSE" people.
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