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Originally Posted by RX-79G
Rigid morals are a crutch for people who can't decide right from wrong on their own.
No, that describes rigid adherence to rules or laws, not rigid morals. The fact that someone may have stricter or laxer morals than you doesn't mean that person either can't decide right from wrong on his/her own, or has no moral compass whatsoever ... it only means that person has chosen differently from you.

Regardless of how strict your moral code is, a personal moral code is based in personal choice and is not backed by force of any law (although it may or may not coincide closely with adopted law. It may also be stricter than adopted law). On the other hand, abdicating decision and just following the laws because it's easier than making a morality-based value judgment (example: zero tolerance school rules that punish the victim of an assault as severely as the assailant) is a crutch.
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