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Glad to get some quick responses. Definitely helped me out. I looked at the

Tikka T3 Hunter fluted stainless barrel. and Im really liking it. One question

reguarding the barrel. From what ive gathered, all wooden stocks are free

floating, but does anyone know if the fluted barrels are free floating as well?

Im guessing they are, & is a fluted barrel necessary for hunting? Im really

considering going with the 270. Sounds like it kill everything i listed before well

with less recoil & a flatter trajectory. Ill definitely go to some lgs, and pawn

shops & see what they have, plus it will be nice to actually handle the gun

and make sure it fits me and im comfortable with it.

Ive checked out these models and they all seem to have great reviews.

Winchester model 70 feather weight

Tikka T3 Hunter stainless

Savage 111 BTH or 114 american classic

Ruger M77 hawkeye sporter

Weatherby Mark V Sporter
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