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Maybe when people stop buying Kimbers as fast as they come off the line they'll start re-thinking how they do things.
I'm not a fan-boy by any means, but for all the complaining bout Kimber you hear on the internet you can;t fault their business model. They sell a whole lot of guns, and most people who buy them are quite happy with them.
When you sell as many guns as Kimber cutting $20 of profit from each one by adding another mag would get expensive.

Most people buy guns at a gun store. Most gun stores sell 1911 mags. So, when you buy your gun it's easy enough to buy some extra mags if you need them. It might even be a good thing for shop owners as they get a chance to start a dialog with new gun owners, and maybe convince them to buy local instead of Amazon.
I still try to buy most of my accessories at the same shop where I bought my first gun.

I agree that it's nice when you get more than 1 - getting 3 with my gen4 Glock was pretty sweet - but it's obviously not a deal breaker for most people.
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