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I'm assuming you don't want them to raise the price of the gun $ 40 to pay for the extra magazine....

so why not just buy the mags you like...from Wilson or whoever / pesonally I use Wilson Mags in all of my 1911's...and they run and last longer than anything Kimber shipped with the 2 Kimbers I have...
It's not about $. I have no problem with paying for additional mags. As I said in my post, it would be nice to be able to add extra mags onto a pistol order. You're right about 1911 mags. I use Wilson Combat ETMs. There's no simple answer for a 2011. The double stack mags can at times be very difficult to locate. I bought an STI Eagle (2011) earlier this year specifically for competition. It came with one mag. It took over 2 months to get the additional mags needed in order to use the gun in matches.
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