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Morals are personal - you might share them with other people in your culture, but they are yours alone to have and either adhere to or violate. If you don't think what you're doing is immoral, it isn't.
So what word do you use to describe the commonly held values of a society or group? Things like rape, murder, child molestation, etc., are considered immoral by most of us, hence their illegality. SO if you feel morals are personal, only, what tern do you use for the group "morality"?

I don't think it makes sense with something like violating rules (or even laws) to worry about what that says about you as a person. Your feelings on the matter trump anyone else's. If you have a good reason to break the rules and are okay with the consequences of doing so, that's all that needs to be said.
I believe the word often used to describe a person like you just did is sociopath. I may be wrong on the word, but behavior like what you describe is classic, the basic justification for all criminal, and immoral acts. "I can do what ever I want, because I want, and I'm ok with that" is the rule of the jungle, is it not?
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