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Finally found time to shoot the Pietta with the Conversion cylinder yesterday. She shoots high and right with the Ultramax ammo, I believe the projectiles are 250 gr. High and right didnt bother me as the gun is consistent when I do my part.
So, I tried reloading a few cases with Federal large pistol primers, 777 and .457 round ball last night. Learned a few things. #1 thing I learned is that I need to purchase a mould to cast my own bullets. Which size (diameter) is correct for the gun? Also, what weight? I see that some say a lighter round is more accurate and in my mind that makes sense as it was made for RB which is not a heavy projectile.
I found the reloading kit easy to use and truly enjoyed the process.
So, what size die do you guys think is correct for a new (2012) pietta? And what gr bullet is best? As always thanks for any input!
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