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While I understand all the arguments offered, I'm perplexed why the word "morality" is thrown around. Morals are personal - you might share them with other people in your culture, but they are yours alone to have and either adhere to or violate. If you don't think what you're doing is immoral, it isn't.

Integrity speaks more to the problem - if you imply that you are going to follow a set of rules and you don't, then anyone who questions your integrity wouldn't be wrong.

I don't think it makes sense with something like violating rules (or even laws) to worry about what that says about you as a person. Your feelings on the matter trump anyone else's. If you have a good reason to break the rules and are okay with the consequences of doing so, that's all that needs to be said.

Most of what I've read in this thread are justifications for breaking the rules. Either break the rules and live with that, or don't. Attempting to justify it won't change what you've done or change a bad decision into a good one because you've played a philosophical game in your mind.

As far as Aguila's experience goes, it sounds like he's the victim of gender discrimination, being forced to work at a more dangerous hour than his female colleagues. That's illegal.
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