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Looking for a new hunting rifle, Whats your .02 cents?

Hey all, This is my first post on here and I'm hoping that I'm posting under the
right forum.

I'm looking to buy my first hunting rifle soon and I've been doing tons of

research but would greatly appreciate a more experienced hunters input. First

off I'm looking to spend up to $1300 total on the rifle, I have my scope picked

out, a very nice 3-9x40 Leupold. I'm looking for a rifle that is comfortable, I

can use for years and depend on, & is accurate & is easy on the eyes. Oh & I

prefer a nice wood stock but Ill consider a good synthetic. I have been

shooting guns since i was just a little guy but I've always been a archery

hunter, so i do have some experience with rifles. I'm torn between a .270 and

the 30-06. I plan to get into reloading but not right of the bat. Ill be hunting

deer, cougar, black bear & elk with this rifle. Also ill be hunting in central &

eastern Oregon so there will be plenty of shots from 50 yards to... say 300

hundred yards away, from thick woods to some big prairies. I like the looks of

the Remington 700, but I've read about the safety/trigger accidents and I've

also heard their "quality" is not what it once was, so i think ill stay away from

them. Also Id like to find a rifle that comes stock with good features so that i

wont need to purchase a bunch of aftermarket upgrades right off the bat, but

if I want to customize it later on, I don't want to find out that I'm limited on

my customization options! I'd love to hear your guys's opinion on the subject,

the more the better!

Thanks in advance!

I have been eye balling these 3 rifles from savage

The 114 comes in either stainless steel or carbon steel. Does anyone here

have any experience with either of these to models???

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