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The Accidental Hoarder

I got into a habit of buying a box of bulk .22 ammo, when it was on the shelf and around $10 for 500 rounds, every time I shopped at the local discount stores. When the wife sent me out to get canning jars, yarn and such, I would grab a box Rem, Win or Fed bulk. Hey, WTH.

I shot a fair amount of .22 LR so I was just stocking up a bit. I stacked it in a cabinet below my shop bench without ever giving much thought to how much I had.

Over the years I accumulated quite a bit. I did a inventory when .22 ammo became rather scarce.

I discovered over 30,000 rounds of mostly mixed mfg. bulk ammo. In the last two years I have shot and given away to friends and relatives about 10,000 rounds.

So I, without much forethought, have been able to get through the current .22 ammo shortage without effecting my shooting.
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