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Remember that hiker that caught his arm stuck in some boulders and couldn't get out? Was there a couple days or something and ended up hacking off his own arm with a pocket knife or some crap, and then walked his way out.

I thought Meryls rescue team found where he had ended up almost immediately in some kind of kitchen where he had cauterized his stump. Been a while but I seem to recall something along those lines. Anyway, I could picture him surviving, but I admit everybody bumping into each other again is a bit of a stretch. Hated to see Meryl go. He was such a jack you couldn't help but love to hate him.

I DO remember grandpa trying to reload that shotgun at least once. Once.

I learned a long time ago (Arnie and Sly days) to turn off the brain when it came to anything firearm related.
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