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Spoiler alerts

Overall, I like to see guns in positive survival roles in movies and TV. MORE gun owners is a good thing. And there is a large number of people that see gun use in survival movies/TV and want to own them. Again, a good thing.

WD gun use is good at times, and dumb at times. I, too, was super annoyed with the lack of recoil, unlimited ammo at times (Hershal never reloads that 12 gauge!), bullet proof wood doors, etc. I was angry at the show when the Governor has a (very rare) fully auto Steyr, and then fires it randomly full auto for a really long time. Absolutely stupid from both a writer standpoint and survival/realism standpoint. One-handed, on the run, headshots are all too common. Misses are rare. How many crossbow bolts does Daryl have, and don't they ever break? Guns never jam?

When you factor in all the tens of millions of guns that would be abandoned or dropped, and the ammo left behind, one 'could' amass a nice collection and pick from the best of the best. We did see the Gov masterfully take down a National Guard unit and take their gear. So it's not impossible. HOWEVER, conserving that ammo would still be a priority. So, spray and pray is just silly, especially when we've SEEN the Governor take down a military unit, then wildly assault the prison... just inconsistent and dumb. It's the standard old rule that the villain is super smart at killing everyone but suddenly becomes really dumb and bad at killing the hero...

Season 1. Awesome. Noted issues were only a few 'cha click chunk' when people point pistols at each other, some silly gun play, a few dumb points, no recoil from guns, etc. Lot's of improbable 25 yard head shots and few misses from mostly 'gun rookies.' But otherwise, among the best Zombie 'movies' out there. The loss of main group members gave it a feeling of reality. 4.5/5 stars.

Season 2 - Hershal's Farm. Very good. Some really dumb decisions, such as leaving Sophie in the woods. But this season was really well done. It became 'soap opera' at times, but not dull and it was excellent character development. What sets WD ahead of other movies is the opportunity for character development, and it delivers. Zombie movies are only good when you CARE if people live or die. And when some key people wrestle with morality, where there is not a 'right' answer, it's really excellent horror/scifi/drama. For instance: Whether to save the attacker stuck on the fence, and then what to do with him. Whether to carry your guns or respect Hershal's rules. Shane's big surprises at the school/medical run. Crisis of confidence in leadership tactics. They continued to kill off main characters, giving it a feeling of reality. Excellent season. 4.5/5.

Season 3. The Prison. The prison started off excellent with the clearing of the prison. The Governor situation had promise, but just became extremely stupid and unrealistic. The thunderdome fights, Andrea soap opera, the silly gun play, assaults on the prison, assaults on the town, the Govenor's weird behavior with the zombies and collecting, etc. The ending Governor actions. The gun play and assault tactics just really annoyed me. The counter intuitive behavior of full frontal assaults, wasting ammo, no main characters get shot in the exchange of thousands of rounds, etc.

And re-introducing Meryl was plain dumb and unbelievable due to the remote odds that he would have survived his unsurvivable wound, and then run into Andrea and the group. Not plausible. First, Meryl was dehydrated left on ATL rooftop in the summer for hours. Then sawed his hand off with an old hacksaw, cutting through flesh, bones, nerves, and major arteries. He'd pass out and go into shock and bleed out. But I know people have done this and survived with IMMEDIATE modern medical care... so I can suspend disbelief temporarily. Then, though, he fights through and kills several zombies and cauterizes his would with a searing iron. And after all that blood loss, pain, dehydration, hunger, lack of weapons, he escapes the city where there are thousands of zombies on every street. Ooookkkaaayyyy....

Next, think about the size AND distances of the greater Atlanta area. We last saw Meryl in ATL, a year prior. The group had since left ATL heading south to Ft. Benning, 70 miles away when it stopped at the farm, and then fled the farm in a random direction. A year and the random miles/direction later, the odds that their trajectory would intersect with Woodbury is so remote as to be inconceivable.

I am willing to suspend reality to enjoy a zombie or sci fi movie. However, I still expect the world, human behavior, science, odds, etc. to be consistent.

The show just went off the deep end of stupid. First few episodes were 4 stars. Meryl, the Governor, Andrea, etc.. The Last 2/3rd of the season was disappointing and is 2/5 stars.

Season 4. For the show to continue to be interesting, the group must be faced with serious zombie crisis and be on the move. The first two episodes have set this up. The infiltration of the virus into the prison, main people sick and dying, will cause the group to abandon their comfort zone, the prison. And if the virus isn't enough, that 7000 zombie horde is down the road from the prison and the would overrun the prison grounds if they find it. And there could be other zombie herds. The virus and zombie herds add a whole level of threat that keeps this interesting.

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