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Guns on The Walking Dead

Since we're on zombies, I've always struggled to be a The Walking Dead fan, especially when it's compared to Breaking Bad's truly epic performance (even with it's disappointing, Walt-magically-gets-everything-he-wants series finale).

On TWD, with the stupidity of the characters, horrible accents (Maggie Green), characters you prayed would be feasted on by zombies (Lori Grimes and Andrea), Old McDonald Had a Farm of a 2nd season, idiotic ending of the 3rd season, I'm surprised the zombies haven't realized there's no brains in the whole prison and gone elsewhere.

But as someone who knows about guns, watching it is even worse. The characters are constantly spraying-and-praying on full-auto throughout the 3rd season as though they have the unlimited ammo option (and you thought ammo prices sucked now, just wait for the Zombacalypse). The Governor becomes Annie Okaley with a headshot then forgets everything about marksmanship and just sprays rounds everywhere. Then there's all these exotic weapons people keep getting, as though MP5s, AUGs and such will just be laying around after the Zombacalypse. And I haven't even started on the super-duper high-cap magazines they seem to have.

Am I the only one who starts to roll their eyes every time there's gunplay on the TWD?
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