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I remembered another one from the previously unmentioned gun shop in Loveland, Co:

A lady came in while I was browsing and said she wanted to get a 12 gauge for her husband for his birthday. She wasn't very knowledgeable, but she wasn't clueless either. She wanted to get it for him for goose hunting.

She asked to see a Browning pump and asked if it was a good gun. The same guy who tried to sell me a $1k scope, was like "yeah, sure. It's a good gun." He kept looking around like he had some place else to be.

Then she asked to see an 870 and again he was saying "uh, sure. That's good too. Whatever you want." He wasn't rude, but he sure wasn't helpful.

She had obviously come in asking for an opinion but didn't get one and left without buying anything. That bozo let a sale walk right out the door.

If I was the owner and had witnessed that, I would have fired him.
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