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Talking to my contact in WV I was told that WV just needs a letter from the GOVERNOR and not just the issuing agency saying that states honors WV and WV will honor them. He told me the problem is that it has to come from the Governor and no Governor issues a states permit/license. He said that was the biggest hangup.

As for honoring other states some of them especially Minnesota requires certain things before they will honor a state. I am not sure if WV meets those requirements. Maine has only signed with 8 other states and I am not sure what their criteria is. You can get a Maine Non Resident by Mail if you have to get legal in Maine. See "Non Resident Permits" in the left column at for more info on obtaining a Maine Non-Resident.

My contact told me WV sent out letters to everyone asking about reciprocity but after mentioning NH to them they signed in 3 weeks. They may have already had that in the works when I ask. I don't really know.

Getting the letter signed by the Governor of the state is the big hangup. We will just have to wait and see. But at least WV is open to honoring more states.
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