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West Virginia/New Hampshire Sign Agreement . . . Pennsylvania Court Ruling

West Virginia and New Hampshire have signed a reciprocity agreement. This makes 28 states that West Virginia will honor and 23 who New Hampshire will honor. On a side note I live in West Virginia and talk to the person in Charleston who is responsible for obtaining agreements. With West Virginia’s new law they can sign with anyone who will sign with them. I talked to him about 3 weeks ago and ask why they haven’t talked to New Hampshire yet. He didn’t know why but would check on it. I have to smile because I believe I played a part in getting this agreement signed. Sometimes they just need to have some information and things happen. I believe I may have hurt my shoulder patting myself on the back on this. HA HA.

A Pennsylvania Court has ruled that a resident of Pennsylvania must have a “Valid Pennsylvania Permit/License” to carry in Pennsylvania. Residents can’t carry on a non resident permit/license that Pennsylvania honors anymore. A very small number of Pennsylvania residents were doing this. The PA AG stated that 4,000 PA residents had FL permits implying that all of them were carrying on a FL permit in PA. The vast majority just picked up a FL Permit to have along with their PA Permit for carry in more states. The Pennsylvania AG has been amending reciprocity agreements with the wording that only that states “Resident Permit” is valid in Pennsylvania. You can see the Court Decision here:

CCRKBA – Someone saw my previous post and had a contact within CCRKBA. (What I was hoping for.) We emailed back and forth and CCRKBA has removed their references on their chart to I thanked them. Their new listing is dated October 25, 2013 now. Still no reply from the NRA/ILA.

Starting around Oct 31 may be offline for brief periods. Our server is moving everything to a new and more powerful server. That is their words. So if you have trouble reaching the site around that date you will know why.

Changes in WV/NH reciprocity as listed above plus other updates will be added to late this evening or early tomorrow.
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