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Originally Posted by UncleEd
How odd and cheap.
I think it makes total sense: Lots of people are just going to buy aftermarket mags anyway. So why would Kimber add the extra expense of adding another mag when many people aren't going to use it anyway?

When I bought a Kimber about a decade ago it came with one mag. And I didn't care because I immediately bought three Chip McCormick mags and never looked back. If my Kimber had come with two mags that just would've meant I was paying a little extra money, and for that extra money all I would've had was two unused mags instead of just one.

When I buy a 1911 I prefer it to come with only one mag: I'm going to use Wilson Combat mags anyway, and I'd rather not pay extra for my gun so it can come with another mag I don't want.
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