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Range report seeking the perfect edc

Originally Posted by g.willikers View Post
You said that you couldn't find evidence of the use of alternate weapons in a real situation.
Here's the story of the infamous 1986 FBI Miami shootout with at least three instances of lost guns, the use of backup, multiple and the other guy's weapons.
All in a single and well documented incident.
Judge for yourself the merits of being capable with more than just the one you carry.
(And hope the bad guy isn't).
My lord -.-

Okay, remember when I said the whole thing about driving different cars? It can be done without taking a formula one course training on it. It's simple and basic to operate another vehicle. It's the same song and dance.

Same with handguns. Same darn thing. We're gun enthusiast. Your gun most likely has the same function of another gun. In that rare rabbit out of the hat scenario, you'll more than likely be able to use that outside weapon. It'll be mediocre, and not as well as the weapon you've trained extensively with. But bullets will be flying out of that barrel nonetheless. Keeping you in the fight.

Unless by your logic once again, you stop time and say "Be right back. Let me run a magazine through this at the range."

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