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Most folks think a light barrel is better, but when Winchester developed its fiberglass barrel, which was about as light as possible, shooters complained that the faster swing of the light barrel caused them to miss.
I've heard that, especially with the older crowd, but I believe it was more that they didn't want to see the 59's barrels work, as they were really skeptical of them. They didn't like the lower magazine capacity of the 50 and 59 either.

The truth was, Winchester used over a mile of glass filament, and wound that over a thin steel barrel tube. Most of the older crowd thought it was all fiberglass, and some even called them "plastic barrel's", saying they were afraid they would blow up in their face. The 59 was the same as the 50 Featherweight, with this new barrel.

The best of the lot was the 50 Featherweight. (I have one that looks like it just came out of the box, and was made after the change in the frame). Anyhow, they used an aluminum frame on these to get a lighter weight, but the first ones frames cracked behind the bolt handle, at the slot. They cured this by drilling a hole larger than the handle slot, at the end of the slot, for a stress reliving point, and all was fine. The only problem after this was that it still had more recoil than the standard weight, which is normal for any gun.
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