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How much is too much ammo?

When you have to reinforce the floor in order to store it all, that might be too much, in one spot.

Otherwise, I think ammo is like what pilots think about fuel. You can never have too much, unless you are on fire!

27,00 rounds of .22LR sounds like a fantastic amount of ammo, but it all fits in 6 GI .50 caliber ammo cans (in 50rnd boxes) and doesn't even fully fill the 6th one.

To me, there is a significant difference between someone with money, and no previous firearm hobby buying up ammo as a speculator (hoarder), and those who have acquired what to some seems a huge quantity of ammo as a result of their shooting and reloading hobby.

Also, while not as common as they used to be, there are still people who do not operate on a "just in time" inventory system.

Somehow, it seems these people are being made out to be something abnormal. If your life is such that you have no problems with a small amount and buying more whenever you need or want, fine. Its your business. But please don't mock me for a reserve in times of plenty, and DO NOT whine to me about your situation in times of want.

I used to shoot a bit, haven't done much lately, for various reasons. I do like ammunition. I like loading and reloading ammunition.

I don't compete. And I haven't hunted in years (I'm a bit more mobility challenged than I used to be). But I have a bit of ammo on hand.

Anticipating my children learning to shoot, I bought at least a couple bricks of .22LR a month for over a decade. Kids are grown and gone now, and I still have about 12k of that stuff left. Am I a hoarder?

It don't spoil (or at least not for a LONG time, if done right) and if I don't have to buy any for the rest of my life, how does that hurt anything? Frankly, I'm rather glad I bought what I did when I did.

Also being set up to reload for over 30 different centerfire rounds, including some wildcat calibers, I have a few rounds of ammo here and there....

The sad thing to me is that for as long as I can remember, a rifle was worth several cases of ammunition in a caliber like .308. One case of that ammo today would buy two of those rifles now.

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