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New magazines for current production weapons

Just wanting to get people's thoughts on this one.

I have a number of firearms that I have begun to accumulate more magazines than I need/carry. I see a good deal, and I jump on them. Some of these mags I use at the range, others I decide to keep new as backups, in case one of my in use mags fail. In my case, they are all factory or quality aftermarket (e.g. Mac Gar mags for my CZ-75BD; BX-25 mags for mt 10/22)

Here enters my dilema: should I leave these new mags in the original packaging, or should I take them out, use them once or twice for function testing, and put them aside again?

If i use them, then looking at them strictly as a commodity, then they lose value as they are no longer "NIB." I could lie about their status, and with minimal use, could easily get away with it, but as an honest guy, I can't make myself do that.

If however, I am required to use them because of some catastrophic failue of all my other mags all at once, then I am forced to use an un-tested magazine that has never been used, increasing the potential for error in my firearm.

Overthinking this much? Yeah, I know, so sue me.

What do you guys do with your extra mags?
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