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It has happened. Some may feel vindicated.

Whatever people may think about laws in other lands, those lands are entitled to govern as they see fit and that should be respected.

I don't like that they banned gun ownership to such an extent, but I like even less some undesirable possibly printing their own for nefarious purposes.

And so, it is understandable that some have been shocked by a recent discovery. It seems that despite attempts to control their availability, plans have been found and used to print suspected gun parts.

It is a fair assumption that the perpetrators were not after a plinker!
It may have just been "to see if it could be done", but then why the home-made powder?

They got caught this time, but will they next time?

Will they now start monitoring who buys 3D-printers, or insisting manufacturers install reporting software to feed into a police database?

The story so far....

I wonder how the designers would feel about this development.
When the right to effective self-defence is denied, that right to self-defence which remains is essentially symbolic.
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