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It's obvious from a couple posts the OP makes he does not know how to adjust a scope and gets confused by what he sees or thinks. Since it has already been misadjusted, set it to optical zero, put the cross hairs on the target and fire off a hole or two. Now carefully place those crosshairs at the same exact aiming point, and while holding still, adjust them to intersect where the holes are. If you slip or move, you can really mess up and then you have to re-shoot to establish a new scenario. Have a buddy move the crosshairs while you watch and direct him. Don't make the adjustments too slowly, it gives you a chance to move your scope off the aiming point. Watch the Larry Potterfield easy way to adjust a scope on YouTube. I can see shooting a couple or a few rounds to zero. But if you shoot a box, it suggests you're doing something backwards or wrong, or the scope is no good or you don't get it.

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