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Thank you all sincerely. I am so completely confused now that I feel like tossing the scope and just use the iron sights. As I (think I) stated previously, the gun shoots quite good with open sights. At 25 yds (paced) it shoots a group of three that you could cover with a quarter! Only trouble is these 70 year old eyes do not see what a scope does! This moving the crosshairs right if the bullet goes to the right seems totally wrong! In fact, by observation, moving the adjustments like that seems to move the crosshairs in the wrong direction (by looking through the scope).
My Brother-In-Law has a Savage 110 in 30-06 that he says I can use for the season. I don't like shooting these big power guns though, that's why I got the 340 in 30-30. I'd been away from hunting for many years until last fall when he talked me into getting a lifetime license, CHEAP, and go shoot a partridge! Then he wanted me to go deer hunting with him. He loaned me a Savage 99c in 308 last year, which I didn't have to shoot at all after a few shots to check alignment. SIGH.
Well, OK, as soon as my eye heals up from my eyelid surgery of today, I WILL give it one more honest session and follow the suggestions offered previously.
Thank you all truly. perleyu
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