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Yes, I agree, first problem was leaving positive feedback, I should have waited until I got it on a gun and tried sighting. However, here I am where I am. These replies are very interesting to be sure, especially the ones relative to crosshair adjustment. And the ones about first centering the cross hairs. I have never heard that one in all these years, but it makes sense. I suppose there will be a gazillion clicks to count in the travel from one extreme to the opposite? Whew, can I count that high, and can I keep track of them. (Small minds, don't-cha-know)! LOL.
I did contact Weaver and a rep sent me back an email requesting the number off the scope, so maybe!!!!!
But, I am going to run through that excercise again soon, be more patient and armed with the aforementioned information.
Yes, I have really taken notice of those new Leupold 'Redfields' and wish I had one, BUT at my age and position in Society, two hundred bucks or so would be damn hard to squeeze out of the (limited) budget. I know, don't scoff, but here I am at 70, totally unprepared for retirement and out of the labor market-----------Take note you youngsters, SAVE some while you can! Thank you all for your input. perleyu
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