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Back to talking scopes!

Hello all. A while ago I had a thread on here about budget scopes. A lot of you answered with your input, opinions, etc. And I appreciate all of the comments. I reported then that I had purchased a used scope on ebay, a Weaver 4x38 fixed power. For 55 bucks I figured it was right, especially with me having owned a couple of weavers over the years. But alas, it didn't work out. I finally put it on my Savage 340 (30-30) and attempted to line it up. Long story short it failed miserably. Shot over a box of (precious) ammo and could not get it to align. It would shoot a little to the right, so we would move the crosshairs a little to the left. Then it wouldn't even hit the target. Then move it back to the right a little and it would hit in a different place. In spite of numerous attempts like this, just wasted ammo. I reported earlier that it was an ebay buy, so I contacted the seller who was adamently defiant about the deal. Said he stated in his ad for it that it was non-returnable. When I got it I left favorable feedback due to the cosmetic condition and the shipping/packaging, so he says that I was happy with it and that he would not do anything. He suggested that I send it in to Weaver for fixing. But I'm not the original owner and I feel it is not my obligation to do this, but his as a seller. I've bought nearly 900 items through the years that I've been on ebay, and have only had problems with one other seller before this. What would you do???? Perleyu

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