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Not many of those Marlins were made, only a few more by Winchester. They both had a short run about 30-35 years ago so it is understandable that not many have heard of the round. My brother had one of the Marlin 375's for a while but sold it at a profit a few years later. It is a good round for someone wanting a lever action. It basically splits the difference between 30-30 and 45-70.

If I'm in a nostalgic mood I will hunt with one of these.

Both are 1958 made rifles in 30-30. The same year as my birth. But if I'm serious about killing game one of my scoped bolt rifles in 308 is the better tool. They are lighter scoped than the levers are unscoped and the flatter trajectory is a huge plus even at woods ranges to thread bullets through baseball sized openings.

This is my serious woods gun.

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