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Re: My First Revolver

The only revolver warnings I can think of are...

1. Keep your fingers behind the front face of the cylinder. A lot of nasty stuff comes shooting out of that cylinder gap and if your finger is in the wrong place you'll know real quick.

2. Don't swing the cylinder open or shut. Use your fingers to open and close it. You don't have to baby it, but don't abuse it either.

Aside from that there isn't much to know. Clean the bore and chambers regularly. Don't forget to get under the ejector star. Make sure the ejector rod isn't coming loose (it's left hand threaded) and pop the side plate off once every thirty years or so for routine cleaning.

Finally: $200 for a functioning Smith with a pinned barrel sounds too good to be true. Are you sure it isn't haunted or something? :sly:
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