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My First Revolver

I went to the range today with a friend with the intent of putting a few rounds through a revolver he owns and potentially buying. Well a couple hours later and I now own a S&W Model 67 38 special. I've only been shooting for maybe two years now and all that as been with semi auto handguns and rifles. I can count on one hand how many times I've fired a revolver and pretty happy I finally own one.

Does anyone have an input, advice, or anything else that a first time revolver owner might need to know? Care or maintenance that might be different from other gun styles, any particular style of grip or stance to consider, anything along those lines? Being new to this I want to make sure I cover my bases.

One last thing. I paid $200 with 50 rounds of ammo. I don't think it has been fired much, but it does have some scuff marks. Looks as though it didn't spend much time in a case. I have polished it since I took the picture and the grime seen near the hammer came right off. Not too concerned with value. I bought it cause it shot well for me and I've wanted one, but I've still gotta ask. How did I do?

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