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If you rarely shoot full .44 magnum loads then the S&W is tops. Excellent accuracy, excellent feel, great SA trigger.

But if you intend on shooting alot of .44 Magnums I'd get the Ruger. Exceptionally strong, quite good accuracy, and very easy to disassemble. In fact if you are going to shoot alot of he-man loads, I'd get the Super Red Hawk in .454!

For my needs the 629-1 I use often is it. 4 inch bbl is plenty for me.

But if I lived in Alaska I'd get a 5 inch Ruger Toklat! Coolest gun made (yes it's a .454 that can shoot .45 LC and not a .44 Magnum but that is the way I'd go.)

Ot if you really have the money, get both! Get a 629 AND Toklat!

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