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Posts: 461 will be another "just for fun gun" mainly...i have a bit of property here in Oregon...i can and do shoot off my back portch often, and have a range up the hill...I have no real reason for choosing the 4inch other than all my other revolvers are 6+ or snub nose....i like far as Da/SA i shoot SA mostly probably 70% of the time...i do have a gunsmith that i have used for years and do have the option and funds of having a trigger job done on either if i felt it needed.

horselips...i would love to own any of colts snake guns (a python in royal blue especially) but i shoot my guns, a lot...while they are fantastic to look at and shoot on occation...its not somthing i would feel good about taking out every week/ everyother week and shooting a bunch..

Are the Rugers known to be more stout? as i said i will be shooting it a lot like i do most of my firearms...
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