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In all honesty, between the S&W Model 29 and the Ruger Redhawk I would choose a.......Colt Anaconda. Ultra-Bright Stainless, of course. The big snake will set you back a pretty penny but unlike the others, they continue to appreciate. When you finally sell it, you'll make money instead of lose it. That means ownership is FREE. And that beats even a lower starting price.

Unlike the common-as-dirt everyday, garden variety S&W and Ruger guns, the Colt is already a classic in its own right, as desirable for it growing rarity as it is for its surpassing quality. Hell for strong, smooth as wet ice, lovely to behold, and unmatched in action, Anacondas fairly drip with class.

Guns aren't shovels or rakes or screwdrivers. They're not just "tools." There is no pride of ownership with a Allen wrench. A tire iron says nothing about its owner's sense of perception, of beauty, of value, or worth. A gun can do so much more for its owner than just shoot. A firearms that can evoke pride of ownership in you, and admiration and desire in others is a gun really worth having.

Choose wisely.
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