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Most LE (but admittedly not all) have common sense and are not out to ruin your day and they are not out to bust a boy scout troop having a safe day at the range. I think the same would apply to anyone buying a couple of boxes of ammo to shoot at the range. Now if someone pulls up in a semi at a supermarket and starts selling cases of ammo out the back to anyone with enough money, yeah, I think LE is going to ruin their day. (maybe in CT, probably not in TX) As for gun buy backs, sure I wish I could look them over and maybe buy one. But just because you and I enjoy owning guns and have them around the house doesn't mean everybody else does. I think it is an excellent program for people that don't feel comfortable having a gun in the house. They're not quite sure what to do with it. A buy back offers them a safe solution and puts a few bucks in their pockets. Don't see any problem with that. They don't really care how it got there and how the heck would they even know if it is safely locked in your trunk. Just my opinions.

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