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well ok I installed the Mods on my Loadmaster press.

I tell you I have owned this press going on a year and a half and it has never ran this smooth. It runs slicker then frog farts.

I loaded 400 9MM last night, not one missing, crushed or flipped primer. All the Smileys gone out of the primers.

I will be loading some 45ACP this week and report also on the large priming system.

If I can find a decent video camera, the one I have is old and not compatible with my OS on my computer, I will take some vids.

This is a total system rework for the priming system. Priming arm, priming pins, troughs, sliders and wedge bar.
With the LM its a bunch of small things that come together to case problems with the priming system.
These Mods have addressed them all, and for $60.00 its well worth it.

The new priming system totally captures the primer, no more primers going down the ram. No shell, the primer just moves back till a shell is in place.
Primer pin is now adjustable to the level of the trough, so that when a primer moves in, it wont strike the edge of the pin and cause it to flip either crushing the primer, jam the primer in-between the shell plate and slider, flip it or missing the shell by going down the ram.
Priming arm has been reworked so the pin does not wobble around, again cause problems with the primer.
Primer troughs are modified to work with the new slider.
New wedge bar design to slow down primer sliding system so its smooth and doesn't slam the slider back and forth.

Many thanks to Magic Mike for all his hard work, this system has been in development for the last two years, and has finally come together.

for those that are interested inquiring about these mods you can reach Magic Mike through his web site.

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