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Think about it. Let's say possession of pistol ammo is forbidden. You can be sentenced to prison for 10 years for possessing 50 rounds. Your father passes away, and you find a 1,000rd case in his garden shed. You had no idea it existed. What do you do?

I would also fetch my shovel.
Acctually atleast here in Sweden when a gunowner dies the guns/ammo was his property so it goes into the estate and can be sold or you can apply for a license (if you meet the prerequisites) they even give you time to take the hunters license to do it.

Licenses weren't required in the past in the same way, and even so very old licenses aren't even in the system so guns do pop up when oldtimers pass away

And for the finnish guy who asked

they are kinda targeting semi-automatic rifles with removable magazines, very hard requirements to get an ar15 for example, and for hunting noting that has got a military background

Much of it was already happening before and then Breivik happened
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