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New to Bow Hunting.

Originally Posted by 03Shadowbob View Post
There are only a few bow makers who have such limited adjustability, Mathews and Hoyt being the main two which for a new archer isn't the reasonable purchase which we have all said. Tuning a single cam is mucheasierthan a1.5 or dual cam bow. Again we are talking about a beginner.
As far as dropping your release, that's on you. That is not a flaw of a trigger release. I use a hook trigger release which I do not have to look at when I shoot.
I don't know where you get your information but it's almost flat backwards. Almost all Hoyt bows are as or more adjustable for draw length than any other brand. They typically have at least 2" and sometime 3 or more, usually with no change in parts. Some require cam changes, most do not.

As far as "tuning" a Cam 1/2 bow, I have no idea how hard it is because I've never once had to do it. Adjusting nock point, center shot, etc, yeah. Never once had to touch/"tune" the cams. They have a large range and marks for being tuned. I've never seen one outside the marks.

I don't know who in this thread besides you is the "we have all said" but other than price, Hoyt and PSE are the first bows I'd recommend to everybody. The price objection is simple... buy used. Problem solved.
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