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Minutes after placing order with PSA my card was used 4 times fraudulently

Not sure if PSA was hacked or what's going on but it's one heck of a coincidence . The charges were done on 10/17/13 . I noticed the charges the next day/night and today talked with my bank .

I'm not saying PSA did anything wrong because I don't have enough info yet . I'm just starting this whole challenge the charges thing . There were 4 charges to my card totaling close to $300 just minutes after placing the order with PSA . All from different online stores .

This is the first time anything like this has happened to me .My card was never out of my possession or left any where somebody could get to it . sure hope I get my $300 back . Two charges have went through and there are two more pending and the funds are being held .

Just wanted to give a heads up just in case PSA was hacked . I emailed them and called . they're closed for the weekend so I'm not sure if they read the email or not .
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