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New to Bow Hunting.

Originally Posted by Brian Pfleuger View Post
Some (if not all) of the Hoyt bows still have that time of module adjustment. My Katera does. Adjustable from 27-30 in about 5 minutes (if you're slow) no press required. Two small Allen screws is all you remove.

Many larger dealers will have cams but it's still a pain. Up to the end user. I prefer easy adjustability.
I used to shoot hoyts, they just lost me when they went to the "tec" riser... I had a vortec and just never fell for it.

I bought my original striker back that I sold to my buddy... I offered him an AR for it and he wouldn't budge, he finally sold it back for $100.... That bow really had a lot of sentimental value to me.

I wish I still had my old Defiant too, nice shooting bow.

I got on the Bowtech bandwagon for about 5 years, after three sets of shattered lbs and one that lost all its camo dip ( all on the same rig) I said enough... Dumped it last year and bought a Mathews, and I truly love the way it shoots... Like you said, bows lose value quicker than anything on the market. Picked it up new, but was a year old for $300 cheaper than original MSRP. Bows definetly aren't investments, unless you're into high end recurves.
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