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Here's the article on that British couple... don't see any fear about going to jail, just sheer terror about finding ammo in their pond:

Mr Tipping said: 'It’s really unnerved us. I’m terrified that next time I’m mowing the lawn I’ll run over a bullet that hasn’t been found yet. One of us could be seriously hurt.

'We have friends with young children who could have put one of the bullets in their mouth, or one of our cats could have got hold of one - it doesn’t bear thinking about.

'We were planning to be in this house for years - now we want to move out as soon as we can.

Ms Mercer added: 'I rang my dad because he used to be in the Navy, and he told us not to touch them because they could be dangerous. He said they could have eroded over time and we should call the police straight away. It was at that point that we started to panic.'

'It’s just mind-blowing,' Mr Tipping said. 'The police told me that they found more rounds of ammunition in our back garden than at the local arms store.'

'It’s sad because we love this house and have spent time and effort making it a home. And somebody somewhere has ruined that. I don’t want to stay in a house where that kind of thing has been found in the garden. I’m gutted.'
Mr Tipping added: 'Of course for our family and friends this is a great story, but for us, it’s ruined our home.'
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